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The Twelve Chimera of the Zodiac, by Frédéric Boilet

The Twelve Chimera of the Zodiac / 十二宮12幻想 (2000)


November 2, 2016
Permanent sale

Fifteen original pencillings, from 200 to 300 €


Jûnikyû Jûnigensô (The Twelve Chimera of the Zodiac), a collection of short stories initially published in Japan in 2000 by Enix Corporation, then in pocket format in 2002 by Kôdansha. The illustrations later appeared in Mariko Parade created in collaboration with Kan Takahama (first edition in 2003 in Japanese by Ohta Publishing Company, then in French by Casterman, Spanish by Ponent Mon and English by Fanfare/Ponent Mon).

The videos of these drawings are available on YouTube.

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