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"Even Though" t-shirt, by Victoire de Changy and Frédéric Boilet

"Even Though" t-shirt

September 6, 2016
Permanent sale
Limited edition of 20 silkscreen printed copies,
from 30 € to 40 €

Sold out


Anyone who will purchase one of my original pencillings taken from Yukiko's Spinach will receive a t-shirt designed for the occasion by Victoire de Changy and myself. This t-shirt is available in three different styles (one unisex design / two ladies’ designs).

In Japanese calligraphy, this pattern is called "hane" ("feather" or "wing"). The black patterns are my first budding calligrapher's attempts when I was a calligraphy student in Tôkyô in 1993 and 1994. The red/orange marks were made by my master Doi Shôen (spirals = right, cross = wrong). The rear of the t-shirt is decorated with a haiku in French discreetly printed at the base of the neck and in half-faded small print. You can barely notice it from afar. To get to read it, you need to get closer and lean over the person's neck…

Printed by Christin Georgel at the workshop "En l’encre nous croyons" (Gérardmer, France), on September 1, 2016

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